Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Hey now, I know it’s early and Christmas is still just under 2 months away but we were talking Christmas shopping on yesterday’s show, so I thought I'd mention this:

There's a new product out there you can get to give to your husband called The Little Pink Card.
Cost about 10 bux (and you can probably make your own), but the concept is a good one.
If your husband is forgetful or doesn’t get it (like most men),
this card holds all the info he needs to pick out the perfect present. We're talking your favorite candy, your dress size, bra size, etc.
Slide it in your husband's wallet and you might not have to stand in mile-long return/exchange lines on December 26th. Being spared that horror is a gift in itself.
Guys, imagine the fights you’ll avoid when you mess up her dress size by 2 full sizes…..this is genius!

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