Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas Calgary!!

Hope all of Energy Nation is enjoying the holidays!

Speak to you again January 5th as Meg and I kick off Beat the Bank
with your shot at a possible 50,000$ (7:11am, 11:11am, 4:11pm)

All the best of the season.
Freeway Frank

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Men's Washroom at New Kids Yesterday

-Baby...thought I died and gone to Heaven

Every man's Fantasy!


Thursday, November 6, 2008

Today is “Men Make Dinner Day”, the 1 guaranteed meal cooked by the man-of-the-house each year.
Sure, millions of guys make dinner for their families on a regular basis, but this day is for the last remaining neanderthal homes where they don’t.

Here’s what we want to know. What meal does your husband make that he thinks is gourmet…but isn’t? but at least he tries…gotta give him that much!

Have a great day!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


I think the Calgary Herald wrote it best this morning:
(I'll be saving this copy)

Barack Obama, the son of a black father from Kenya and a white mother from Kansas,
was elected the 44th president of the United Stateson Tuesday night, breaking the ultimate racial barrier to become the first African-American to claim the country's highest office.

(Here's my favorite part)

A nation that was founded by slave owners and seared by civil war and generations of racial strife delivered a smashing victory to the 47 year old rookie Democratic senator from Illinois.

(This is not only a great moment in American History but World History)
It's a great day to be alive!

....more comments, here's what a friend of mine just emailed me!

Pretty amazing night!

When I was a kid our family spent a lot of time camping in the southern U.S., this was around '67-'69. The racism was unbelievable, we actually saw a doctors office with one entry door marked "whites" and another one marked "coloreds". I remember my dad saying that "in our lifetime we'll see a black president".
My wife and I went to Memphis a couple of years ago we visited the Lorraine Motel where MLK was shot. It was amazing to see Jesse Jackson last night, who stood beside MLK as he died.

Last night's speech was every bit as important as "I have a dream" speech.

Still can't believe it.


Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Hey now, I know it’s early and Christmas is still just under 2 months away but we were talking Christmas shopping on yesterday’s show, so I thought I'd mention this:

There's a new product out there you can get to give to your husband called The Little Pink Card.
Cost about 10 bux (and you can probably make your own), but the concept is a good one.
If your husband is forgetful or doesn’t get it (like most men),
this card holds all the info he needs to pick out the perfect present. We're talking your favorite candy, your dress size, bra size, etc.
Slide it in your husband's wallet and you might not have to stand in mile-long return/exchange lines on December 26th. Being spared that horror is a gift in itself.
Guys, imagine the fights you’ll avoid when you mess up her dress size by 2 full sizes…..this is genius!

The city of calgary has finalized a new minimum fine against dog owners of 350 dollars if they don’t pick up their pets business…this is fantastic news…

Here’s the thing, there’s someone in my neighborhood whose dog keeps using my grass and the owner doesn't pick up.

Does this mean the owner owes me 350 bux if I catch them since it's private property?

Hey, great way to raise some money for my new fence. Let's make a deal!


Friday, October 31, 2008

Trick or Treaters knock early!

Earlier this morning, the Girl Guides joined us on the show. They were so cute! Happy and Safe Halloween all!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

2 Strangers and a PICTURE! WOW!

This morning's 2 Strangers and a Wedding was definitely a highlight in my 18 years in radio. The best part? I have two new friends! No matter what they end up deciding in the next few hours regarding their trip "honeymoon", I was ok with Kimberly and Jeff's decision this morning. Mind you, I understand how true romantics out there could be very disappointed. More importantly, I hope time sees these two progressing as a couple. I'll tell you this much. I was very impressed with both of them. Kim, is beautiful, inside and out! And Jeff? what a handsome and articulate gentleman. I was truly blown away. They are definitely two people I enjoyed meeting and hope to continue our friendship which began with our daily conversations together during the social experiment. 2 Strangers and a Wedding was a huge success in my eyes. It taught me how important it is to get to know someone without having that ability to see them. They may not be in love with each other YET...but I fell in love with both of them. That to me, was worth everything.


Tuesday, October 28, 2008

How much do billboards cost anyway?

What would you do if your ex did this?

Let us your message or call Meg and I this morning. 1 866 467 1015

Thursday, October 9, 2008

On the Wii DL already

Ok, I've only owned a Wii for 2 days and so far I have several injuries.

At first I thought I was the only loser on the planet to have suffered a Wii injury but now I realize people around the world have sustained serious injuries playing this game.

My elbow does my wrist and shoulder blade but man can I wack those homeruns...too bad L.A couldn't do the same tonight.

Watching the Flames game..going to bed soon.

How does Kelly Hrudey look so young year after year?

Is he sucking down Dick Clark energy drinks or what?


Monday, September 22, 2008

Get this Guy a Porta-Potty Please!

I don't get it, I mean how many times does this guy have to get caught doing stuff in a public toilet? You would think with all his money he has at least a choice of 10-12 toilets to choose from in his mansion?

Pop star George Michael was cautioned by police in London after being arrested in public toilets on suspicion of possessing drugs, the UK's Press Association reported

In a statement, the Metropolitan Police said a 45-year-old man had been arrested in the Hampstead Heath area of London on Friday. He was later released with a caution for possession of class A and class C drugs.

The statement did not name Michael, but other sources confirmed his identity.

Reports Sunday said Michael had been arrested following a tip-off to police from a suspicious toilet attendant, PA said.

The 45-year-old, who has sold more than 100 million records worldwide, has talked openly about his use of drugs in the past.

In an inteview with the BBC last year he admitted: "I'm a happy man and I can afford my marijuana so that's not a problem."

Last May he pleaded guilty to driving while unfit through drugs and was banned from driving for two years after being found slumped behind the wheel of his car.

New Kids on the Hockey Block

Will the New Kids do this for their entire tour? I wonder if they've ordered their Flames' jerseys yet?

Or, do these 5 guys from Boston really like the Habs?
Either way, a very uncool bunch of guys all of sudden have my respect.

Way to go boys!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

2 Strangers and a CTV Wedding?

It's really funny to me how everytime I go to the 2 Strangers link on our Energy website, under the caption for our social experiment, we also see a picture or the best News anchors in the city. No, they're not part of it...they are friends however and enjoy lattes and walks on the beach.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Like Father Like Son

Last weekend, the Energy crew were all together at our GM James' home
for a bbq. For some reason, Meg, Erin and Ian thought it would be cool to
steal (borrow) something from his home and see if he would notice.

Ian ended up wearing the stolen goods straight out of his closet. A pair of jeans and a cashmere sweater. Kinda strange because yesterday James was wearing the exact outfit. Did he just go out and buy a new pair of jeans and sweater because he couldn't find the stolen pair? Or, does he just have the same pair of jeans and sweater x 10. So happens, he's one of those guys that buys many pairs of the same clothing. According to the dynamico trio (MEG IAN AND ERIN) James might be a robot.

Oh by the way, he is also single, rich and handsome.


Tuesday, September 2, 2008


We all remember our first day of school, with every passing grade, we became a little more self conscious about ourselves thus making the day a little harder. We always wore the new t-shirt with pride, the new spotless runners and we hoped no one else was wearing the same outfit. We also hoped no one would notice the acne which had gotten a little worse over the summer holidays. Homework would usually be assigned and by the end of week one, someone in our group of friends always got in trouble for something. Usually, it was something minor like talking or being late for class or skipping the afternoon to hit a few baseballs at the park or watching the Expos in the heat of a pennant race at the Olympic Stadium.

All in all, I made some great friends in High School, some who I still keep in touch with today. (Rino, Maurice, Mike, Paul) However, for the most part my most memorable moments in school came outside the classroom and school yard. With these friends, we played street hockey, baseball atari, poker games in my friend's basement (yep we started early), or learning to play the drums with my friend MARK, pretending to do a radio/tv show with my good friend and next door neighbor Paul. Those were some amazing days. All this and no internet.

In terms of education or liking the process, I remember enjoying academics a little more after I graduated. I attended Champlain College and finally started studying what I always wanted to learn; radio, tv..that's when it started to come easy. University was a let down for the most part as I didn't get accepted to Broadcast Journalism or Communications but here I am anyway. I've never looked back. I've worked in some amazing cities with some incredible people at legendary radio stations. Bottom line, don't let anyone tell you YOU CAN"T DO IT! Yes, I still dragged my ass to Concordia University where I studied English and History and ran the campus radio station. They couldn't keep me out of there. I made it happen. I found a way.

We've all had some back to school blues, all faced a bully at one time or another, all messed up an assignment or two and it really doesn't matter if you were class President or a football jock, a pretty cheerleader or the class clown. In the end, grade school and high school was just a place to go between the time your parents left for work and came home. Yes, it was a place to learn for some..a place others learned some harder lessons but in the end a place that if we just went to long enough and tried a little harder, we could make some great friends and get closer to what we really wanted to do in life...sleep in. Unfortunately, I haven't done that since Energy launched back in April of last year. But prior to that, I got a lot of z's and you can too! So go to school kids and stay out of trouble.


Monday, September 1, 2008

Gustav, new Republican VP

First off, if anyone knows how scary it is to experience a hurricane it's this guy. Back in 1992, I was in South Florida when the worst hurricane to hit North American soil pounded the Sunshine State. Prior to Katrina, Andrew was the worst storm ever. I saw the devastation first hand. I can't imagine what New Orleans went through in 2005 and what they, Texas and Louisiana are going thru again right now. The loss of life, property and security, peace of mind is unimaginable. Back in 2005, George Bush was seemingly missing during the first moments of Katrina. Sound familiar? Throughout his administration, he seemed to be playing a game of hide and seek at the ranch over in Crawford as opposed to helping his people, visiting the area, and consulting with FEMA. (Kinda like his tenure with the Texas Air National Guard, 9/11 etc etc)

September 1st, 2008 and this time, BUSH and CHENEY are skipping the Republican National Convention in order to help with Hurricane Gustav. There's no way he could mess this up again. With the excuse of the Hurricane he's once again managed to pull a Chris Angel and not address the RNC out of respect to those dealing with Gustav. Although, I do understand the courtesy, is anyone else thinking...What perfect timing George! God must be on your side again. Thanks to Gustav, GWB will once again avoid talking in length about his failed administration.

Also, thanks to Gustav, Presidential hopeful John McCain thought it might be a good time to mention his VP running mate's 17 year old daughter is pregnant. (She will be having the baby and marrying her boyfriend) Again, I'm not one to judge, not a big happens. But, the fact she's a very outspoken pro-lifer and family values advocate, sweeping it under the carpet during Gustav was the perfect G.O.P thing to do. John McCain was fully aware about her situation at the time he named her VP but hey, why not make it public during Gustav? Sounds like a good distraction to me.

I pray for the people of Louisiana and Texas. I hope they get through this. I also pray the Republicans lose the White House. I wonder if Gustav is getting a wedding invite? He should.



Calgary Sun (Swerve Magazine)
Friday Aug 29th

LAST FRIDAY, Meg and I were excited to hear the morning show would be featured in the Herald. Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining; any coverage is good coverage. I thought Meg looked great in the pic but I look like some slime ball goof trying to pick her up with my wad of a wallet and business card. To make matters worse, the article stated I worked in Hamilton. I've barely stopped there for gas. That said, I'm not trying to attack Steel Town but I've never worked there. Funny, every single time I've been in the paper, it's always been a bad pic and there's been some misinformation. I'm starting to think I'm just not meant for print.

Well, here's the article, thanks for reading and hope you had a great long weekend.

Energy 101.5 FM
WEEKDAYS 5:30—9 A.M.

Former competitors on the Toronto radio scene, Meg and Frank were enticed out to Calgary in the spring of 2007 to create a new morning team. “To make magic, it doesn’t happen right away,” Frank says, conceding there were some bumps along the way. “But one day, it just changed. Right before Christmas, something changed. Everything just came together. Now, we’re like brother and sister.”

And Meg is one sister who can give as good as she gets. “I can hold my own with the boys and I’m proud of that.”


Frank has been in radio for 18 years, getting his start in Hamilton prior to stints in his native Montreal, Vancouver and Toronto, where his sole contact with Meg was at a bar where she tried to set him up with her friend. Meg (who worked in event marketing, but did standup comedy on the side) made it on air after winning a contest to dish on a reality show on CHUM FM and TV in Toronto. After her eight-week stint, she was offered the entertainment-correspondent spot on the morning show.


“I am a toddler,” Meg says in reference to her bedtime of 8 p.m. Frank has her beat, hitting the sack at 6:55 p.m. on one occasion, though 9:15 p.m. is more usual for him. That said, Meg’s up at 3:30 a.m. and he only reaches for the alarm clock at 4 a.m.


“People really have to use their heads to visualize what’s going on in the studio. TV, it’s tough too, but they have visual aids. We have to do it basically on our own,” Frank says. “We do it through theatre of the mind. To me, that’s what’s compelling. That’s what excites me.”


“I try to be uber-careful,” says Meg, who’s never—yet—let a curse drop on air. That said, there’s an occasional slip of the tongue, such as when she learned that Estelle Getty of The Golden Girls had died. “And I said, ‘That’s crazy,’ but she died of dementia,” Meg recalls with a groan. “But that’s the vernacular of a thirtysomething woman.”


Frank wears his heart on his sleeve with this one: “When Nelly Furtado said she used to listen to me in her room in Victoria when I was on air in Vancouver.” (Yup, that’s the songbird by Frank’s side in his profile pic on his myspace page.)

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Cranes Freak Me Out!

Yesterday morning, as I walked by the construction site at 5th and 10th, I noticed the crane towering above me. Cranes freak me out! Matter of fact, if I happen to be driving by one, I have to have my sunroof open so I can see it. I know, it's messed if it were plummeting towards me..I'd have time to jump out of the car and run!

This was all prior to the CTRAIN incident yesterday morning. Now Trains are hitting cranes. That's all we need. We're finding a way to hit them. Is no place safe anymore?

Someone have a hard hat I can borrow?

Have a great Thursday.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

LPGA forces players to learn English

At first I thought, how could they do this? How could a league,
in this case, the Ladies Professional Golf Association force its members to speak English? Not P.C at first glance. If Nascar did this, they would be considered rednecks and racists. If the NHL made it mandatory for their mostly European and Quebec players to speak English, everyone outside the provinces of Don Cherry would riot. What would happen if Major League Baseball enforced this rule? Half of the league is made up of Hispanics.

How about this scenario? Let's say Tiger Woods couldn't speak english? Would he have to learn? Absolutely. He put golf on the map for his great talent and the fact he's a great ambassodor and able to sell the game internationally. Everyone can understand him. No one cared about golf before Woods made it mainstream. Can you imagine selling the game of golf if he couldn't speak the language? How can you market any sport without it's top player not being able to sell it in the english language? This is not a diss towards foreign players but this is why no one cares about the LPGA. I mean, who are the athletes and who cares about them outside of a few hardcore enthusiasts. If they can't speak the language, how can they sell the sport? Who cares about Cycling now that Lance Armstrong retired? No one. Can you imagine him having to sell that sport if he only spoke a foreign language? No one would care because no one would be able to understand him.
The bottom line is, if you are paid to play sports at a professional level, you need to help the hand that feeds you sell the sport. If you can't speak to fans, can't do commercials in English, how can anyone understand what you're saying and buy into the sport you are playing? (Especially if the sport is already a tough sell)

The LPGA is helping its players learn the language. It's free, there's no real time limit but there is zero tolerance towards players unwilling to learn.

When I travelled abroad, albeit for a few weeks at a time, I loved learning a new language. It makes no sense to me as to why anyone wouldn't want to learn english. I mean even dictators and tyrants learned it to better sell their fascist views. How boring and ineffective would it be for these rulers to sell their message if they couldn't tell their enemies where to go in a language they understood?


Why I Won't Do Soldiers

Ok, not what you think. Thanks for reading thus far.

This morning Meg and Ian's Instructor Quian came in to talk about Soldiers of Fitness.
For the last few weeks, everyone has been trying to get me to commit to trying this out. Truthfully, I have no interest. No, it's not because I'm lazy and don't like exercising but I like to do it at my own pace. All jokes aside, and we've made many during the show, I don't think I'm in really bad shape at all. Sure, I can stand to lose a few pounds. I guess I can improve my cardio but I watch what I eat..I really don't overindulge, I'm a casual drinker and don't do any drugs. I've been thinking about getting back into drumming lately. I played for about 8 years and if you want a workout? Try playing an entire RUSH concert from beginning to end.

I'm glad Meg and IAN are really enjoying their experience at SOF. I think it's a great program if you're looking at getting your ass in gear and getting into shape. For the time being, I'm going to exercise my fingers a little and keep writing some blogs, keep working my mind (i'm in great mental shape I know that much!) and maybe when it feels natural to me, I'll start a work out regiment that works for me. I think everyone should do whatever they feel is the right amount of exercise. Biking in Copperfield seems like a pretty good work out for this guy! See ya at the marsh.


Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Michelle Obama and Ted Kennedy at the DNC

Not sure if most Canadians care about the upcoming U.S election but I know quite a few do.

At the end of the day, America is our neighbor and we are directly influenced by their culture.

Needless to say, the last 8 years have been a disaster. I know hardcore Republicans who will be voting Demo this time around based on the mess GWB put his country and the world in. Sure, he is not solely can add Cheney, Rumsfeld to the fritata. Bottom line and as cheesy as the line may sound, it is time for CHANGE.

Last night, I was really looking forward to 2 speeches. BTW, the only noteworthy ones. The first from Sen. Ted Kennedy. (he's suffering from brain cancer and made the trip to Denver to lend his support to B.O) He had everyone in the crowd in tears. His doctors told him not to take the trip but he went anyway. Brain Cancer? Think about that. What does that say? Says to me, America is in trouble and Ted thought it worthwhile to travel across the country to tell everyone about this man with "the funny name".


Barack's wife Michelle gave a great speech last night. She was real, natural and showed America not only why they should vote for her hushand but why she would make a great first lady. There were several funny moments from how she first rejected her husband, thought he had a funny name, wears the same clothes he wore 10 years ago and her two children interacting with their dad really showed how typical the Obama's are.

Barack is 47, his wife is 44. They have two kids under 10. This couple defines the American Family. Not since the JFK era has America seen such a young family in the White House.

Last night showed me if I wasn't convinced already, why Barack needs to be in office. If only we had as interesting politicians here. No one in Ottawa excites me. What a snorefest a fall election would be compared to the excitement south of the border.

If you get a chance, watch the DNC. Amid some boring speeches and filler, you'll find some great buzz and excitement from a country desperately searching for a new identity.