Thursday, October 30, 2008

2 Strangers and a PICTURE! WOW!

This morning's 2 Strangers and a Wedding was definitely a highlight in my 18 years in radio. The best part? I have two new friends! No matter what they end up deciding in the next few hours regarding their trip "honeymoon", I was ok with Kimberly and Jeff's decision this morning. Mind you, I understand how true romantics out there could be very disappointed. More importantly, I hope time sees these two progressing as a couple. I'll tell you this much. I was very impressed with both of them. Kim, is beautiful, inside and out! And Jeff? what a handsome and articulate gentleman. I was truly blown away. They are definitely two people I enjoyed meeting and hope to continue our friendship which began with our daily conversations together during the social experiment. 2 Strangers and a Wedding was a huge success in my eyes. It taught me how important it is to get to know someone without having that ability to see them. They may not be in love with each other YET...but I fell in love with both of them. That to me, was worth everything.



I Know Marty said...
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Monica said...

It's great that they chose to hold of with their "I do's." It was a great 6 weeks and I was not disappointed at all on how it turned out. I think them not getting married with all the other drama around meant that they respect each other and want to give this "connection" a fair and honest chance. So am crossing my fingers for the both of them and wishing them all the best!