Thursday, October 9, 2008

On the Wii DL already

Ok, I've only owned a Wii for 2 days and so far I have several injuries.

At first I thought I was the only loser on the planet to have suffered a Wii injury but now I realize people around the world have sustained serious injuries playing this game.

My elbow does my wrist and shoulder blade but man can I wack those homeruns...too bad L.A couldn't do the same tonight.

Watching the Flames game..going to bed soon.

How does Kelly Hrudey look so young year after year?

Is he sucking down Dick Clark energy drinks or what?



Melissa and Dave said...

I've only ever had one time after playing the wii where my wrist has hurt. But that's because when playing Boom Blox, with my whole family, I've learned to not do full complete swings. So then my wrist only hurts and not my whole arm. At least then, if I have to, I can wear my wrist splint which I've had to for tendonitis. And not end up having my whole arm bandaged up.

And you think that Boom Blox wouldn't be as competitive in the party/competition mode, but it is....well against 3 of my family members and my BF. But I think that it's a game for all ages. Just show the little ones(or help them) with holding the button and throwing the ball.

Nikki said...

If you want to feel some serious pain while playing Wii, try "Playground". Don't let the childish title and animation fool you. I'm not kidding. I do believe tether ball may in fact be the most body taxing sport ever :S