Tuesday, September 2, 2008


We all remember our first day of school, with every passing grade, we became a little more self conscious about ourselves thus making the day a little harder. We always wore the new t-shirt with pride, the new spotless runners and we hoped no one else was wearing the same outfit. We also hoped no one would notice the acne which had gotten a little worse over the summer holidays. Homework would usually be assigned and by the end of week one, someone in our group of friends always got in trouble for something. Usually, it was something minor like talking or being late for class or skipping the afternoon to hit a few baseballs at the park or watching the Expos in the heat of a pennant race at the Olympic Stadium.

All in all, I made some great friends in High School, some who I still keep in touch with today. (Rino, Maurice, Mike, Paul) However, for the most part my most memorable moments in school came outside the classroom and school yard. With these friends, we played street hockey, baseball atari, poker games in my friend's basement (yep we started early), or learning to play the drums with my friend MARK, pretending to do a radio/tv show with my good friend and next door neighbor Paul. Those were some amazing days. All this and no internet.

In terms of education or liking the process, I remember enjoying academics a little more after I graduated. I attended Champlain College and finally started studying what I always wanted to learn; radio, tv..that's when it started to come easy. University was a let down for the most part as I didn't get accepted to Broadcast Journalism or Communications but here I am anyway. I've never looked back. I've worked in some amazing cities with some incredible people at legendary radio stations. Bottom line, don't let anyone tell you YOU CAN"T DO IT! Yes, I still dragged my ass to Concordia University where I studied English and History and ran the campus radio station. They couldn't keep me out of there. I made it happen. I found a way.

We've all had some back to school blues, all faced a bully at one time or another, all messed up an assignment or two and it really doesn't matter if you were class President or a football jock, a pretty cheerleader or the class clown. In the end, grade school and high school was just a place to go between the time your parents left for work and came home. Yes, it was a place to learn for some..a place others learned some harder lessons but in the end a place that if we just went to long enough and tried a little harder, we could make some great friends and get closer to what we really wanted to do in life...sleep in. Unfortunately, I haven't done that since Energy launched back in April of last year. But prior to that, I got a lot of z's and you can too! So go to school kids and stay out of trouble.


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