Monday, September 1, 2008

Gustav, new Republican VP

First off, if anyone knows how scary it is to experience a hurricane it's this guy. Back in 1992, I was in South Florida when the worst hurricane to hit North American soil pounded the Sunshine State. Prior to Katrina, Andrew was the worst storm ever. I saw the devastation first hand. I can't imagine what New Orleans went through in 2005 and what they, Texas and Louisiana are going thru again right now. The loss of life, property and security, peace of mind is unimaginable. Back in 2005, George Bush was seemingly missing during the first moments of Katrina. Sound familiar? Throughout his administration, he seemed to be playing a game of hide and seek at the ranch over in Crawford as opposed to helping his people, visiting the area, and consulting with FEMA. (Kinda like his tenure with the Texas Air National Guard, 9/11 etc etc)

September 1st, 2008 and this time, BUSH and CHENEY are skipping the Republican National Convention in order to help with Hurricane Gustav. There's no way he could mess this up again. With the excuse of the Hurricane he's once again managed to pull a Chris Angel and not address the RNC out of respect to those dealing with Gustav. Although, I do understand the courtesy, is anyone else thinking...What perfect timing George! God must be on your side again. Thanks to Gustav, GWB will once again avoid talking in length about his failed administration.

Also, thanks to Gustav, Presidential hopeful John McCain thought it might be a good time to mention his VP running mate's 17 year old daughter is pregnant. (She will be having the baby and marrying her boyfriend) Again, I'm not one to judge, not a big happens. But, the fact she's a very outspoken pro-lifer and family values advocate, sweeping it under the carpet during Gustav was the perfect G.O.P thing to do. John McCain was fully aware about her situation at the time he named her VP but hey, why not make it public during Gustav? Sounds like a good distraction to me.

I pray for the people of Louisiana and Texas. I hope they get through this. I also pray the Republicans lose the White House. I wonder if Gustav is getting a wedding invite? He should.


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