Thursday, April 16, 2009

Marriage Success 'Prediction' Based by Your Yearbook Smile

(GREENCASTLE, INDIANA) Psychologists say the best predictor of a relationship is your yearbook photo. The bigger your smile and the more likely your marriage/relationship will survive.
Researchers at DePauw University rated the smile intensity of yearbook photos. The strongest smile make the eyes wrinkle and the corners of the mouth pull up. They were given a score of "10". In this study, no one in this group got divorced. Maybe smiling represents a positive attitude towards life. Or maybe smiling people attract other happier people. And that combination may lead to a better chance of a long-lasting marriage.

Im still not married

Meg is divorced.

Erin is happily married

Heath- "my life is in shambles"

And Ian likes CHER!

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Joanne said...

LOL... Awesome! I love it! Well, I've got a big smile on my pic and I've been married for 12 years... I think it just boils down to work. Everyone has to work at their marriage and still continue to "date" each other. Don't get lazy in how you treat each other. Greet each other like you did when you were first dating and don't forget why you fell in love with them in the first place... because why you fell in love could irritate the hell out of you 5 years later. :)

Marriage is not easy and both have to be committed and "want" to be in a relationship... either that or you're a not-smart and married Satan's spawn. :D hehehe...